Policy, technology, and clinical practice are all intertwined.

At HIMSS24 Europe, we’ll cover them all. Our lineup includes a deep dive into Europe’s current regulatory landscape, including the AI Act, the European Health Data Space and the European Recovery and Resilience Fund. We’ll also help you make sense of all today’s trends in health technology—from machine learning to digital maturity and telehealth. (Among many others.)

Lectures, up-close networking, and case studies: we’ve got them all. You’ll have diverse opportunities to learn and connect, in the ways that work for you. And you’ll leave HIMSS24 Europe with rich insights to take back home and drive change in your health system.

Explore the programme that awaits you in Rome

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Explore the future of digital health today.

We are excited to share our tracks with you. Here’s what we will focus on this year.

Global Health Challenges

How is Europe harnessing technology and data to tackle the big issues in global health — such as health equity, the refugee crisis, improving digital literacy and obesity? Hear perspectives from the best and brightest minds in a lively mix of diverse session formats, including main stage panel debates, fireside chats, and quick-fire Q&As. All sharing genuinely innovative ideas, insights and out-of-the-box thinking on the most world’s most complex challenges. 

For: Everyone who cares about health both locally and globally.

AI: Cutting through the Hype

AI: an apocalypse or necessary revolution? Let’s take a hard, practical look at the current and future possibilities of AI in healthcare. Across a two-day immersive experience, you’ll hear concrete examples of where AI is being used to improve workflow, reduce clinician burnout, enable earlier diagnosis, and drive behavioural change from experts at the forefront of implementations across Europe and the world, including the fast-changing AI regulatory landscape, new legislation, the future of large language models and a debate on the ethical challenges.

For: Anyone curious about what AI can do, can impact and what it all means in a healthcare setting.

Workforce Sustainability

All the digital strategies in the world will fail if we don't solve the workforce crisis. Let’s explore a potential new reality in healthcare where humans and robots work side by side to meet patients’ needs. From how to automate high-volume tasks to frontline innovations in the use of data and technology to increase capacity and reduce burnout for overstretched clinicians. Plus, we’ll get into some first-hand adoption strategies for boosting the digital skills and literacy of healthcare professionals and patients.

For: Anyone looking for solutions to workforce development, capacity, burnout and retention.

Prevention Reimagined

As nations get older, fatter, and sicker, something has got to give. Demand for services is unsustainable and health systems are cracking under the pressure. From now on, it will be essential to maximise the use of data and technology to transform prevention and public health. Discover how digital tools and biomarkers, AI and analytics, behaviour science, and even social media are playing a positive role. And learn how these innovations are shifting the focus from curative to preventative care, sustaining health systems and improving outcomes for citizens and societies.

For: Anyone who shares the mantra “Prevention Before Intervention” in population health.

Digital Transformation in Action

The EU Recovery and Resilience Fund has created a proliferation of National Digital Health Strategies across Europe and other efforts to boost the digital maturity of hospitals and healthcare systems. Straight from the School of Hard Knocks, let’s take a pulse on the latest initiatives designed to empower the transformation of local care. Learn the why, what and how from implementations at all levels of the European healthcare system – including baseline maturity assessments of hospitals, digitally driven primary care and the innovative public/private partnerships driving change.

For: Clinicians, administrators and government leaders grappling with how to make the most of a digital investment.

Digitally-Enabled Care Pathways

It’s said a lot, but Is it really true: “There’s no such thing as digital health, just health”? Can we honestly say that digital health is so integrated into everyday care that the lines between digital and traditional services are fully blurred? Discover evidence-based examples of how solutions like remote patient monitoring, digital dashboards, virtual wards, and telehealth, are being adopted and embedded in disease pathways, transforming care and outcomes. We’ll also e how digitally-enhanced care is increasing patient engagement and empowering people to step up as equal partners in their own care.

For: Clinicians and leaders who want to get the latest on the impacts of digital health in Europe.

Data & Interoperability

On this 10-year anniversary of the creation of the FAIR data principles, let's see how we are achieving "Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable" across the EU region. Hear from exemplary cross-border collaborations such as the European Health Data Space, the International Patient Summary, and the Global Digital Health Certification Network, and question how insights from data, greater interoperability, EHRs and HIEs, and regulation is enabling or preventing greater integration of care in the healthcare ecosystem.

For: Innovators who want to improve outcomes with data.

Empowering Patients

To adopt digital advancements at scale, we must see patients as equal partners and address their priorities, trust and digital literacy needs – whether it’s training a new AI-powered tool, designing a smart hospital,  services or the latest wonder drug. Supported by HIMSS EMEA’s Patient Advisory Group, let’s explore strategies on how best to achieve impactful patient engagement in the real world, empowering patients to manage their own health in digital partnership with their frontline care team.

For: Healthcare leaders, innovators and patient advocates who are focused on patient solutions.

The Programme Committee’s in the house, too.

All our talks are curated by experts. Here’s who’s helped direct the programming at HIMSS24 Europe:

Ana Pina (MD, MIM, PhD)

Head of Digital Health & Care, FHVC- Future Healthcare Researcher MEDIR - NOVA Medical School

HIMSS Community: Iberia

Paolo Locatelli

Scientific Officer, Digital Health Observatory, Politecnico di Milano

HIMSS Community: Italy

Elena Sini

Group CIO, GVM Care and Research

HIMSS Community: Italy

Dr. Monica Calamai

Special Commissioner, University Hospital of Ferrara

HIMSS Community: Italy

Jeremy Dahn

Chief Digital Officer, Johanniter

HIMSS Community: DACH (Germany)

Dr. Mette Maria Skjøth

Head of Department, Odense University Hospital

HIMSS Communities: Nordic (Denmark)

Sofie Van Der Meulen

Health and Data Law Expert, DOversity

HIMSS Community: Dutch

Gözde Susuzlu Briggs

Program Manager, European Patients’ Forum

HIMSS Community: French (Belgium)

Matthew Little

Associate Chief Nurse - Digital / Chief Nurse Information Officer (CNIO) Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK

HIMSS Community: UK & Ireland

Dr. Shankar Sridharan

Chief Clinical Information Officer, Great Ormond Street Hospital

HIMSS Stage 7

Anca del Rio

Digital Public Health Thought Leader, Healthcare 4.0 Strategist Lead HealthTech Community & Stakeholder Relations at Basel Area Business & Innovation

HIMSS Changemaker in Health Award Winner 2023 (Most Influential Women in HealthIT

Vicent Moncho Mas

Chief Information Oficer, Hospital de Dénia

HIMSS Community: Iberia (Spain)

Dr. Daniel Beirão

Deputy Medical Director, Hospital da Luz Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto

HIMSS Community: Iberia (Portugal)

Helen Caton Peters

Technical Officer, WHO Europe HQ Data

HIMSS Community: Nordic (Denmark)

Simon Rost

Chief Marketing Officer, GE Healthcare

HIMSS Community: DACH (Germany)

Tjasa Zajc

Digital Health Expert, Faces of Digital Health

HIMSS Community: Slovenia

Sara Luisa Mintrone

Group Chief Marketing Officer Dedalus


Our Patient Advisory Group is all heart.

These experts and innovators make sure every session focuses on improving care.

Steve Gilbert

Anti Racism Leader Coach | Organisational Change Consultant Steve Gilbert UK Limited


Valentina Strammiello

Director of Programs European Patients Forum


Begonya Nafria

Patient Engagement Research Coordinator Barcelona Children's Hospital


Kristof Vanfraechem

CEO & Founder Data for Patients


Birgit Bauer

Digital Health & Social Media Expert | Patient Expert | Journalist & Founder Project Coordinator

Data Saves Lives


Roi Shternin

Self-diagnosed POTS Patient | Health Startup Founder NGOs & the Global Patient School | Author

Chronically, The Patient School, Health Tech Without borders, Dysautonomia

Austria / Israel

Mark Duman

Global Patient Innovator Award Committee | HIMSS Future50 Patient Leader

Chief Patient Officer, MD Healthcare - Patient Engagement Consultancy


Lea Raak

Global Patient Innovator Award winner 2023 / Chronic Illness/Disability Advocate and Patient Expert

Blickwinkel Diabetes e.V., Insulea.de


Shane Fitch

CEO & Founder

Lovexair Foundation


Graham Prestwich

Patient and Public Engagement Lead

Health Innovation, Yorkshire and Humber NHS Trust


Monica Evason

Solution Focused Coach, Trainer & Facilitator for Future Leaders I Storytelling Keynote Speaker I Published Author of "Tumor Me"


Clive Flashman

Chief Digital Officer Patient Safety Learning


Helen Hughes

Chief Executive

Patient Safety Learning