Featured Speakers

Dr. Manuel Pizarro

Minister of Health, Portugal

Hal Wolf

President, CEO, HIMSS

Dr. Susanne Ozegowski

Director-General Digitalization and Innovation, German Federal Ministry of Health

David Novillo Ortiz

Head, Data and Digital Health, World Health Organization, regional office for Europe

Lisbeth Nielson

Director General, Danish Health Data Authority, Denmark

Dr. Harvey Castro

Physician & Healthcare Consultant, Former CEO, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of "Chat GPT Healthcare”

Päivi Sillanauke

Special Envoy for Health and Wellbeing, Ministry for Social Affairs and Health

Abigail Norville

 Deputy-Secretary General, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Netherlands

Louisa Stüwe

Project director - Ministerial eHealth delegation, French Ministry of Health

Prof. Shafi Ahmed

Surgeon, Futurist, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Cris Ross

CIO, Mayo Clinic

Elena Sini

CIO, GVM Care and Research

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